Dr. Renate Hofbauer

My books

On my tours I have always been struck by the enormous interest in Empress Elizabeth of Austria, the famous “Sisi”. The legend surrounding the Empress has led to many different attempts to analyze her, and this, together with the continuing fascination with her life was the motivation to try and get closer to her myself. The end product of this process is a vivid, easily-readable and appealing biography. Having written this first book, I was drawn to take a look at other historical figures from a new and different perspective and followed up with further biographies featuring Johann Strauss and Mozart.

The books are available in the following languages:

Empress Elisabeth of Austria 1837-1898

The Fate of a Woman under the Yoke of the Imperial Court

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791

New Aspects of a Star

Johann Strauss, the Walz King 1825-1999

His Life, His Love, His Passion