Dr. Renate Hofbauer

About me

Personal details:

  • born and bred in Vienna and happy to be a citizen of the city itself and of Austria
  • well-travelled and always looking for new experiences and opportunities to learn
  • constantly searching for a way to bring together the “accepted” and the “other” or “alternative” (different cultures, lifestyles and philosophies)
  • a passionate dancer able to indulge my love of dance here in the “waltz capital” Vienna, where every year around 300 balls and countless other dance events take place


  • after graduation from High School > Vienna College for the Hotel and Tourism Industry
  • Tour Guide training and qualification as a licensed Tour Guide for the whole of Austria
  • Masters Degree in Translation from the University of Vienna
  • Doctorate in Translation Sciences/Ethnology

Areas of Expertise/Career

  • foreign languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
  • 30 years experience as a Tour Guide in Austria
  • many years experience as an international tour leader
  • editing in German and my foreign languages
  • long-term work with WienTourismus (Vienna Tourist Board) as a freelancer
  • author and publisher of biographies : books published to date explore the lives of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, Johann Strauss and W.A. Mozart (further projects are currently at the research stage)